Chicago Ideas Week

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A great idea can change the world. But only if someone hears it.

Chicago Ideas Week was created in response to a need: the need for truly great ideas to find an audience, to be shared, to be amplified, and ultimately, to be put into action. Here, revolutionary ideas gets more than applause—they get traction.

By the time the world's brightest minds converge on Chicago Ideas Week each year, they've already done the thinking. They come here—and audiences come to listen—because we have created a unique forum designed to fuel inspiration, connection, and action around those hard-fought innovations and flashes of brilliance. And while we can't offer a guarantee that every idea will change the world, we can offer the formula:

First, you think. Then, you Think Out Loud.



Dept. of Design, Leo Burnett



Alisa Wolfson, Andy Luce, Chip Kelly, Paul Octavious